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Tax Newsletter Archive

 Flexible Spending Account Rules Are Changing- 10/30/2010
 Tax Highlights of Small Business Jobs Act of 2010- 9/28/2010
 Offer in Compromise- 8/29/2010
 Ominous Clouds on the Horizon as Tax Storm Approaches- 7/30/2010
 Business Website Costs- 6/29/2010
 Tax Implications of Divorce- 5/29/2010
 Business Entertainment – It’s Fun, but Make Sure It’s Deductible- 4/28/2010
 Surviving a Business Tax Audit- 3/29/2010
 Important to Distinguish Between Independent Contractor and Employee- 2/27/2010
 Tax Aspects of Employee Terminations- 1/29/2010
 Health Savings Accounts Revisited and Updated- 12/28/2009
 The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009 (ACT)- 11/28/2009
 Getting Out of Debt Could Cost You- 10/29/2009
 Lending Money to Relatives – Is It in Your Best ”Interest”?- 8/30/2009
 It’s Mid-Summer, So Why Should I See My Tax Pro?- 7/29/2009
 Little Known Mortgage Tax Credit Can Benefit Homebuyers- 6/26/2009
 How the New Credit Card Rules Will Affect You- 5/29/2009
 The IRS Collection Process Explained- 4/28/2009
 More of Your Information to be Reported to the IRS- 3/29/2009
 Tax Provisions of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - 2/27/2009
 Perhaps It Is a Kinder Gentler IRS- 1/29/2009
 Required Minimum Distribution and Tax Lien Relief - 12/29/2008
 Saving for College- 11/28/2008
 Tax Provisions of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA)- 10/29/2008
 The Confusing, Confounded and Cursed AMT- 9/29/2008
 Highlights of the Housing Assistance Tax Act of 2008- 8/29/2008
 Resolving Your Tax Debt With the IRS- 7/30/2008
 Obama v McCain – Where They Stand on Taxes- 6/29/2008
 Tax Rates Will Increase – Plan For and Protect Your Retirement- 5/30/2008
 Tax Installment Payment Agreements- 4/28/2008
 If Your Tax Preparer Has Been a Bit Rough on You This Year, Here’s Why- 3/29/2008
 Will You Be In for a Tax Rebate?- 2/28/2008
 What You Should Know About the Kiddie Tax and Ways to Avoid It- 1/29/2008
 Year-end Tax Legislation Includes AMT Patch, Mortgage Debt Relief- 12/28/2007
 You Are Responsible for the Accuracy of Your Tax Return- 11/26/2007
 A Primer on Higher Education Tax Benefits- 10/28/2007
 Resolving IRS Tax Disputes Out of Court- 8/31/2007
 Is Your Vacation Home an Investment for Tax Purposes?- 8/1/2007
 The Most Severe Tax Penalty of All – Unpaid Trust Fund Taxes- 6/29/2007
 A Couple of Real Estate Tidbits of Current Interest- 5/29/2007
 Understanding the Alternative Minimum Tax (“AMT”) and Why You Might Pay It- 5/1/2007
 If the Sales Tax Doesn’t Get You, the Use Tax Does (or Should)- 4/1/2007
 A Fresh Look at Reverse Mortgages- 2/27/2007
 Do You Have Unexpected Taxable Income?- 2/1/2007
 Small Business Tax Deduction Checklist- 1/1/2007
 Warning to S Corporation Owners – Pay Yourself a Reasonable Salary- 11/30/2006
 Medical Reimbursement Plans- 11/1/2006
 How to Determine the Cost Basis of Your Home- 9/30/2006
 The Basics of the New Pension Law- 9/1/2006
 Is Your Business in the Right Entity?- 7/31/2006
 Exercise Your IRA by Stretching It- 7/1/2006
 Highlights of the Tax Reconciliation Act of 2005 (Act)- 5/30/2006
 If You Want Your Deductions, Keep Good Records- 4/1/2006
 Methods to Resolve a Tax Liability- 3/1/2006
 A Potpourri of Tax Developments Effective in 2006- 1/31/2006
 Why Fear the Alternative Minimum Tax? - 12/30/2005
 How a Tax Bill Becomes Law- 12/1/2005
 “Qualifying Child” - Finally, One Definition!!- 11/1/2005
 Tax Aspects of the New Bankruptcy Act- 10/1/2005
 Combine Sale of Residence Exclusion With 1031 Exchange- 8/31/2005
 Tax Aspects of Gifts of Property- 7/30/2005
 Roth 401(k) Accounts- 6/30/2005
 Deductible Repair or Capital Expenditure?- 5/30/2005
 Charitable Contribution Alternatives- 4/30/2005
 Maximize Your Interest Expense Deductions- 3/30/2005
 Real Estate Investors Rule the Tax World- 1/30/2005
 Tax Advantages of Starting a Home-Based Business- 12/30/2004
 Taking Deductions Without Records- 11/30/2004
 A Look at the Two October, 2004 Tax Laws- 10/30/2004
 A Look at Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)- 9/30/2004
 Reducing Capital Gains Taxes- 8/30/2004
 Employee or Independent Contractor – A Crucial Distinction- 7/30/2004
 Maximize Your Vehicle Deductions- 6/30/2004
 Let Uncle Sam Help You Pay for Higher Education- 5/30/2004
 Overlook Business Deductions – Overpay Your Tax- 4/30/2004
 Achieving Tax Objectives in Divorce- 3/30/2004
 Is Your Business Really Monkey Business- 1/30/2004
 Borrowing From Your 401(k) Plan- 12/30/2003
 Business Trip Deductions- 11/30/2003
 Home Office Deductions Revisited- 10/30/2003
 Family Limited Partnerships- 9/30/2003
 Roth v. Traditional IRAs- 8/30/2003
 S Corporation's Treatment of Employee-shareholder Fringe Benefits- 7/30/2003
 Tax Treatments of Employee Benefits- 6/30/2003
 Tax Differences From Choice of Business Structure Revisited- 5/30/2003
 Reverse Mortgages- 4/30/2003
 Home Purchases, Sales, and Refinances- 3/30/2003
 IRS Eases Rules on Home-Office Deductions- 1/30/2003
 Do You Need a Living Trust?- 12/30/2002
 Avoid These Business Tax Strategy Pitfalls- 11/30/2002
 AMT - The Silent Threat- 10/30/2002
 Tax Implications of Divorce - Part II- 9/30/2002
 Tax Implications of Divorce - Part I- 8/30/2002
 Tax Aspects of Self Employment- 7/30/2002
 Liens and Levies- 6/30/2002
 Medical Deduction For Weight Loss Programs- 5/30/2002
 Should You Incorporate?- 5/30/2002
 Saving for College - Section 529 Plan- 4/30/2002
 Various Home Items of Interest- 3/30/2002
 Tax Law Changes for 2002- 1/30/2002
 Selling Your Home: What You Need To Know Tax-Wise- 12/30/2001
 Worker Reclassification –The Employee's Perspective- 11/30/2001
 Worker Reclassification - The Employer's Perspective- 10/30/2001
 Saving Big Dollars On Your Home Mortgage Interest Cost- 9/30/2001
 More on Below-Market Interest Loans to Your Corporation – Avoid Unexpected Tax- 8/30/2001
 Below Market Interest Rate Loans- 7/30/2001
 Deferred Like-Kind Exchanges- 6/30/2001
 Offers-in-Compromise- 5/30/2001
 Penalties for Late Payment or Filing- 4/30/2001
 Taxpayer Rights-An IRS Priority- 3/30/2001
 Choosing a Business Entity- 2/28/2001
 Deduction of Home Office Expenses- 1/30/2001
 Converting a Home into Rental Property- 1/30/2001
 Deduction of Home Computer Costs- 0/0/0000
 Business Meals and Entertainment- 0/0/0000
 Tax Audits- 0/0/0000
 Tax Law Changes for 2002, Part 2- 0/0/0000
 Don't Overlook These 12 Common Business Deductions- 0/0/0000
 IRA Investments- 0/0/0000
 The Basics of a Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange- 0/0/0000

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