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Individual and Business Tax Preparation

Proper tax return preparation is an art that I have mastered from having prepared over 2,500 returns for individuals and businesses. How data is organized, presented, and referenced on a tax return can have a dramatic impact on whether or not the return will be selected for audit. My objective, as always, is to take advantage of every tax benefit allowable by law to my clients while, at the same time, doing so in a manner that will not unnecessarily place the return in jeopardy of an audit.

Tax planning involves arranging or structuring tax-related transactions in order to do one or more of the following:
1. Permanently escape tax
2. Defer the payment of tax for one or more years
3. Ultimately pay the tax at a lower tax rate

In performing tax planning services for my clients, I recognize that each client is unique. I therefore formulate an overall tax reduction plan tailor-made to fit each client's situation that takes into account not only the current year, but the following year or years as well. I have found that it is important for clients to know where they stand tax-wise well in advance of receiving their tax return.

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