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Skilled Tax Audit Representation

I have found that once the annual tax return filing season is completed, the biggest concern of my clients is whether they may get audited.

While I prepare tax returns in a manner to minimize audit potential there are, of course, no guarantees of being audit-proof. I have a very enviable track record of successfully representing clients before federal and state taxing authorities and also the United States Tax Court. The years I spent working for the Internal Revenue Service were very valuable in that I was exposed to "how the other half lives". I was trained in assessing potential tax issues and problems from the Internal Revenue Service perspective and I have used the knowledge I obtained in negotiating favorable settlements for my clients as efficiently as possible.

I have mastered certain "essentials" and strategies in dealing with audit personnel. While there is nothing peculiar about these tools, I understand from reliable sources within certain taxing authorities, that most other tax practitioners do not have these weapons in their arsenals. I feel that this gives my clients a competitive advantage.

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