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California and Other State Tax Matters

The tax burdens imposed by the states cannot be overlooked in importance. For instance, many states, including Arizona, are rather "friendly" - not necessarily so much for their rates, but for the fact that their tax laws generally follow the federal laws. However, even in those states, there are many tax benefits and detriments that a diligent tax professional must be aware of.

Other states, especially California, are perhaps better known for its many areas of non-conformity. I have practiced for many years in California and a large part of my client base still resides there. I have kept current with the changes in the California tax laws and I have a very sound knowledge of planning opportunities available under California law.

While the vast majority of my client base is located in Arizona and California, I have clients that reside in many other states. I, therefore, strive to keep abreast of the tax laws in those states as well.

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