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Many taxpayers have learned, to their dismay, that it generally isn't wise to talk carelessly about their taxes especially about sensitive areas. Why? Because a "wrong person" may overhear their careless talk and "turn informer", either for revenge or in the hope of receiving an "informer's reward." Among the leading classes of wrong persons are disgruntled employees.

An informer's "tip" to the IRS could trigger a tax audit. Even though the taxpayer has done nothing improper, he or she may have to undergo the anxiety and cost that often accompanies a tax audit. Not only is this time-consuming, it can also result in additional taxes due to the discovery of an innocent error on the return or the disallowance of a marginal deduction.

TIP: Most informers are either former spouses or lovers or disgruntled employees and neighbors. Recommendation: Do not discuss your taxes with anyone who is not in a confidential relationship with you.


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