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Taxpayer Rights - An IRS Priority


The law a couple of years ago that required the IRS to reorganize also required it to include the protection of taxpayer rights as one of its most important values.  In its day to day operations, the IRS and its employees make taxpayer rights a top priority.  This includes explaining those rights to taxpayers, keeping taxpayer information confidential, and being professional and courteous. 


Besides what is expected of IRS employees , taxpayers have many other rights.  They have the right to have someone represent them before the IRS and to accompany them to any meeting with IRS employees.  If there is a disagreement, they have the right to request that the independent IRS Appeals office review the case.  Taxpayers who still disagree can avail themselves of the court system.


Taxpayers who have been unsuccessful resolving issues with the IRS through normal channels have the right to contact the Taxpayer Advocate by calling toll-free 1-877-777-4778.  The Taxpayer Advocate can offer special help if an IRS action is causing the taxpayer significant hardship.  Additional information regarding this service is available on the IRS Internet site at info/advocate.html.


Taxpayers can also obtain Publication 1, Your Rights as a Taxpayer, at the Internet site.


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