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To maximize the deduction for travel expenses, keep in mind the expenses that generally can be deducted while traveling away from home:

Transportation fares or the actual costs (or a per mile rate) of using your own vehicle (including transportation costs of getting around in your work area, e.g., to and from hotels, restaurants, offices, terminals, etc.)

Baggage handling
Meals (subject to a 50% limit)
Expenses of entertaining business contacts (subject to a 50% limit)

Gratuities related to the above expenditures are also deductible (subject to the 50% limit for gratuities connected with meals and entertainment).

Phone and fax charges

On the other hand, the following expenses cannot be deducted:

Costs of commuting between your residence and a work site.

These costs may be deductible if your residence is also your principal place of business.

Travel as education
Job hunting in a new field or looking for a new business site

The "travel and entertainment" provisions of the tax law are, of course, more complex, but the above discussion will serve as a basic review of the rules.

If you have any questions relating to whether a particular travel expense is deductible, I'd be happy to discuss it with you.


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