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March, 2006 Tax Tip

My Website Links You to Some Great and Useful Resources


Each month when I send out my Tax Tip and Tax Newsletter items, I refer to links from my website,, to some very valuable and helpful other websites that can make your life a little easier.   This month, being in the midst of the tax filing season, I thought I would tell you the information you can get by linking to these sites.


Tax-related links:


  • Tax return organizer to help you gather your tax data for your preparer
  • IRS federal tax information, including  federal tax forms
  • State tax information and tax forms
  • 2005 and 2006 federal tax rates
  • 2005 Arizona and California tax rate tables or schedules
  • Value ranges for property donated to charitable organizations


Other links:


  • Social Security website
  • Area codes
  • Zip codes
  • Postal rate schedule
  • Mortgage payment calculator
  • Stock market update
  • Business formation services
  • Perpetual calendar


Helpful internet tools


  • Search tools that allow you to find anything on the web
  • Language tools that enable you to look up words or translate them
  • Research tools that allow you to find facts and theories about any subject
  • Financial tools, including currency conversion
  • Map tools where you can see a map or get driving directions
  • Find people tools to help you locate people on the internet


Why waste time trying to find this information by surfing the web, when you can just go to my website,, click on the links tab and enjoy the simplicity of finding what you need all in one location?



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