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We would like to offer our thanks to Ron Taryle for his diligent efforts in being there, during the course of our business operations throughout each year, always available and lending a helping hand and advice. We would never go back to the large impersonal accounting firms where a partner takes us to lunch, gets our business, and then turns us over to an inexperienced assistant to deal with our account.

Vern Austin
Brikon Masonry, Inc.

For nearly 18 years Ron Taryle has guided my wife and I thru the bumpy road of tax matters. His wisdom and advice has resulted in our saving untold $$'s and his input on my corporate tax planning is also most appreciated. We look forward to many more years of solid tax guidance.

Stanley Isaacs
Film Producer
Los Angeles, CA

Ron Taryleís tax advice over the years has guided our manufacturing and real estate companies through the various challenges of growing businesses. Utilizing his knowledge & experience as a tax advisor has been equivalent to having an extra revenue-generating machine on the floor. Therefore, whether we seek advice professionally or personally, we trust Ron will provide us with the most beneficial solution.

Kelly Robertson
Micropulse West, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ

Ron Taryle took on my account when I was overwhelmed by tax stress due to unfiled returns. In a few short months, Ron coached me through the preparation of the necessary data, negotiated with the IRS on my behalf, and brought my accounts into total tax compliance. What a joy and relief! With his skills, diligence, non-judgmental attitude, and constant encouragement, Ron conquered my tax problems so I could get back to growing my business. I feel so fortunate to have Ron as my CPA.

K. Johnson

We have been clients of Ron Taryle's for many years. Our taxes and investments are rather complicated, so each year we marvel at how Ron untangles our tax mess and relieves our worries. We can't say enough good things about him.

Eve Bunting
Children's books author
Pasadena, CA

I've had many years of working with C.P.A.'s in various professions as an automobile dealer, elected official and attorney. Ron Taryle is the most knowledgable, efficient, approachable and common sense C.P.A. with whom I've had the pleasure to work. He combines his accounting firm experience with his private practice to give clients that personal, hands-on attention we all deserve. I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Joy B. Borum
Scottsdale, AZ

In the twenty years that Ron Taryle has been my tax CPA, he has been extremely knowledgeable and personable. My business tax needs and our family's personal tax questions have been more than efficiently attended to.

Thomas R. Welch, Jr.
Los Angeles, CA

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